I was supposed to watch IU play basketball against Liberty today, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t because the lady at the security check-in wouldn’t let me in. She wouldn’t let me in, because she was threatened by the telephoto lens (for the DSLR camera) I was carrying with me.
Among the various things she told me, the most notable bits are – “You can leave it behind in your car, or throw it away… if you leave it here, we will have to call the bomb-squad” – and she said all this with a chuckle! We tried reasoning with her, but after a point it didn’t make sense. So, my friends smiled sadly at me and went inside. I felt disappointed and walked back home.

As I walked the 45 minutes distance from the hall to my home, through the empty streets, at near-zero temperature with the cold wind beating on my face, I reasoned that I should consider myself fortunate – this is the other America after all – the America which despairs us – and I should feel fortunate that I got a glimpse of it. Who wants to watch a match where your telephoto lens isn’t welcome! ……..


But, then as I reached home, I saw a lady walking her dog, and I whistled at the dog. The dog heard me and started barking. The lady looked at me and told me – “You can pet her! Her name is Princess and she is barking because she cannot talk!” I let out a chuckle.

As I entered my apartment, and took a shot of Tequila, I reasoned …. this is America too – the America which brings hope – and I should feel fortunate that I got a glimpse of it!


We are what our experiences make us … this world is grey … there is darkness and there is light … darkness tell us that there is a lot to be done … and when we see light, we know that … all of us who seek to fight darkness … we are not fighting in vain!