4 of my naughtiest but smartest students, David, Eleanor, Patrick and Zaria, were scheduled to present on the Deforestation of the Amazonian Rainforest, in class today. They started off with the slide on the left hand slde of the image – but finished off with the one on the right! They spent a lot of time researching for this ppt, and that included rummaging through my Facebook profile looking up a suitable image to represent human impact. The idea they are trying to convey is that – tourism attracts money – the money could be used to protect our rain-forests; but that doesn’t mean we let avid hikers like Prof. Nath do whatever they like – the idea was to convey the tradeoffs inherent in the human dimensions of environmental change. The proposal to use this image was purportedly David’s but my guess is that all 4 colluded together in this – although I suspect Patrick had a larger role to play!